24 Essential Desk Accessories for Home Office

With the pandemic outbreak in 2019, many things changed, including the operational structure. Today, a significant percentage of people work from home, and many new start-ups are based on this model. Whether you're a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or simply someone who requires a quiet space to work, a home office can be an excellent investment, and work-from-home accessories are essential.

However, a home office requires more than a workstation and chair. You must equip your workspace with stylish desk accessories to establish a productive work environment. In this article, we will discuss 24 essential home office accessories for a home office so you can work in peace!

1. Ergonomic Chair

Working from home restricts your body movement because you work from one place only. Computer use can cause significant discomfort and pain in the neck, back, and extremities, negatively affecting productivity and quality of life. A chair designed with ergonomics in mind can mitigate this discomfort and prevent its recurrence.

A chair designed ergonomically provides the necessary support to reduce the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders. It is intended to provide adequate lumbar support so that your spine is properly aligned, fostering good posture and reducing the risk of back pain. In addition, the armrests of an ergonomic chair are typically adjustable to ensure that your arms and shoulders are in a relaxed, comfortable position, thereby reducing the risk of shoulder and neck discomfort.

You can always look for a height-adjustable chair when purchasing an ergonomic chair. An adjustable chair ensures that your feet can rest flat on the ground, thereby fostering good circulation and relieving pressure on the lower back.

2. Footrest

Long periods of sitting with your feet dangling can cause various problems, including poor circulation, foot and leg discomfort, and lower back pain. A footrest can alleviate these problems by supporting your feet, promoting good posture, and relieving pressure on your lower back.

A footrest raises your feet and distributes your weight more uniformly, relieving strain on your lower back and legs. This also promotes good circulation by reducing pressure on the capillaries in your legs, thereby reducing the risk of swelling and blood clots.

3. Standing Desk Converters

Standing Desk Converters are a great option for those who already have a workstation they enjoy but want to add the benefits of a standing desk. These devices sit atop your existing desk and enable you to adjust the height of your work surface as necessary.

It is important to search for a standing desk converter that is easy to adjust, like FEZIBO Standing Desk Converter Series DC and has a stable base when shopping for one. This ensures that your equipment remains secure during use and that you can transition between sitting and standing positions quickly and efficiently throughout the day.

In addition, some converters include additional features such as Multi-function Slot, allowing you to keep your workspace organized and clutter-free.

4. Standing Desk Desktops

Are you bored with the same desktop as your existing standing desk? We have a solution for that as well. It’s suggested that you keep an extra or a few desktops for your standing desks because working with the same view can cause boredom, affecting your productivity. They’re also a great option for expanding their desktop space. You can replace your smaller spaces with bigger ones. These desktops rest on your desk and provide a large, standing-friendly work surface.

Search for one that is sturdy and has a non-slip surface to prevent accidents. It is also essential to consider desk’s dimensions, ensuring that it will accommodate your equipment and workspace. Febizo has a lot of colors and designs of desktops for you to choose from and give your home office desk accessories a new and fresh vibe!

5. Keyboard Tray

A keyboard tray is one of the indispensable computer desk accessories for those who frequently type on their keyboards. It lets you to position the keyboard at the optimal height and angle, reducing strain on the wrists and limbs. This can aid in preventing of carpal tunnel syndrome, a prevalent condition that causes tingling and pain in the hands and wrists.

When purchasing one, it is essential to search for keyboard tray desk accessories for men that can be adjusted to your preferred height and angle.

This ensures you can maintain the correct posture and avoid wrist and arm strain. In addition, it is essential to consider the size of your keyboard and ensure that the tray can adequately accommodate it.

To use the best office accessories to their full, buy a rotatable keyboard tray that gives you customized features to adjust it according to your height and needs.

6. Wrist Rest

Next on our list of home office desk accessories is a wrist rest. It can prevent wrist strain and carpal tunnel syndrome. It reduces pressure on the nerves and tendons in your hands and wrists by providing a cushioned surface for your wrists to rest on while typing.

It is important to search for a wrist rest made of comfortable, supportive material and the correct size for your keyboard. A wrist rest that is too small or too rigid can increase pressure on the wrists and cause additional distress.

7. Desk Lamp

A desk lamp is essential to provide ample lighting in your home office desk accessories list.

Inadequate light can result in eye strain, migraines, and decreased productivity. A desk lamp can provide concentrated lighting, making reading documents, typing, and completing assignments simpler.

When shopping for a desk lamp, always find one that is adjustable and provides ample light. A lamp that is either too dim or dazzling can cause eye strain, so selecting one with an integrated dimmer switch is essential. In addition, choosing a lamp whose design complements your workstation and personal aesthetic is essential.

8. Headphones

A pair of noise-canceling headphones can be a valuable accessory if you work in a chaotic environment or need to concentrate. This is probably one of the most essential home office desk accessories and can eliminate external disturbance, facilitating concentration and productivity.

Always go for comfortable to wear headphones for extended periods that have high-quality sound. In general, over-ear headphones are more comfortable than in-ear headphones and padded ear cups can help relieve ear strain. Moreover, check the microphone because working from home does not omit meetings, and noise cancellation microphones can help you wonders!

9. External Storage Device

In today’s digitized world, it is vital to back up your files, mainly if you're working on important projects. Among other desk organizers and accessories, a portable hard drive lets youse securely store and access your files from any computer. Search for an external hard drive compatible with your computer's operating system and has ample storage capacity.

It is also important to consider the hard drive's transmission rate. If you frequently need to transfer large files, a hard drive with a faster transmission rate will be more effective. In addition, some external hard drives include encryption software to prevent unauthorized access to your files; this can add an extra layer of security!

10. Walking Treadmill

A walking treadmill can be an excellent addition to home office desk accessories for those with difficulty sitting still for extended periods. It enables you to remain active while working, increasing cardiovascular health and decreasing stress. When purchasing one, it is important to search for a walking treadmill that is designed for use at a desk and has adjustable speed and incline settings.

It can be a productive work desk accessories addition. Some models are quieter than others, which is useful if you need to accept phone calls or participate in virtual meetings while using the treadmill. In addition, you must ensure that the treadmill suits comfortably in your workspace and does not pose a safety risk.

There are many walking treadmills available, but we suggest you go with a portable one as your home office desk accessory because it'll not take up extra space in your office when not in use. WalkingPad C2 Mini Foldable by Febizo is an excellent option with added digital monitor and feet speed control.

11. File & Storage Cabinets

Home office means piles and piles of files and documents! You can't let these files just anywhere in your office. So, what you need is cabinets, and lots and lots of them. Organization of your documentation and essential documents is essential for a productive workspace and requires some best home office accessories. A file cabinet can help you organize and quickly access your files, while storage cabinets can help you organize your office supplies and equipment.

When selecting a file or storage cabinet must-have office accessories, it is essential to search for one with a locking feature for added security. Some cabinets include additional features such as adjustable shelving or built-in dividers. Additionally, it is always good to consider the cabinet's dimensions and design, as well as its compatibility with your workspace.

Another tip is to always go for rolling cabinets because that will make the moving a lot easier than the traditional ones! Whether you’re looking for a typical wooden design cabinet or a more modern design, Febizo can fulfill all your requirements with their models!

12. Power Outlets4

Given the number of devices and appliances that must be plugged in, power panels are essential as office desk accessories. It is important to search for a power strip with surge protection and a large number of outlets to keep all of your devices powered.

Additionally, some power strips include USB ports and distinct on/off switches for each outlet. It is essential to consider the power strip's size and design, as well as its compatibility with your workspace.

The best option is to get 5-1 power outlets as they provide more function in minimal space, which is ideal for a small home office.

13. Cable Management

Management of cables can help keep your desk organized and prevent accidents. Look for cable ties, clips, and casings when selecting cable management accessories to keep your cables organized and out of the way.

It is crucial to consider the number and type of cables you must manage and to choose compatible accessories for your devices. In addition, some cable management accessories feature an adhesive backing, whereas others are attached using fasteners or clips. It is essential to select the proper attachment type based on your workspace and personal preferences. Febizo’s Cord Management Organizer Kit is a best seller for home office arrangements and provides ultimate safety and ease in your home office desk accessories!

14. Standing Desk Mats

A standing desk mat is one of the best office accessories for her and can reduce fatigue and improve posture when used with an adjustable standing workstation. It is important to search for a standing desk mat that is made of supportive, cushioned material and has an anti-slip bottom to prevent accidents.

Some mats as fun office desk accessories also include massage spheres like Febizo’s standing mat with foot massage pads or raised ridges like Balance Board With Bulge Bar to enhance circulation and decrease foot fatigue. It is essential to consider the mat's size and design, as well as whether it suits comfortably in your office desk accessories style or not.

15. Monitor Arms

Those who spend a significant amount of time in front of a computer should have a monitor arm. Adjusting the height and angle of your monitor can alleviate neck and eye distress. It is important to search for an adjustable monitor arm that can support the weight of your monitor when purchasing one.

Additionally, it is essential to consider the monitor type and compatibility of the arm. Prior to making a purchase, it is crucial to ensure that the limb is compatible with the monitor. In addition, some limbs include additional features such as cable management or an integrated USB hub.

Febizo has a lot of single, dual, and triple stand mounts must have desk accessories that you can choose from. Their monitor arms are all comfortable and of high quality to give you the safety and durability you need in your home office.

16. Monitor Stand

An additional accessory that can reduce neck and shoulder strain is a Monitor Stand, which raises the monitor to eye level. It is important to search for an adjustable monitor stand that can support the weight of your monitor when purchasing one.

Consider the size and design of the stand, as well as whether it suits comfortably in your workspace. Some supports include extra features such as built-in storage or cable management, whereas others have a sleek, minimalist design.

17. Shelving

Shelving can provide additional storage space and aid in the organization of office supplies and equipment. It is essential to choose shelving units that are robust and can support the weight of your belongings.

It’s always vital to consider the size and design of the shelves, as well as their compatibility with your workstation. Some bookcases are equipped with adjustable height or built-in dividers, allowing you to customize your storage space. It’s suggested to go for 4 or 5-tier shelving as they provide more storage space while occupying lesser space in your home office.

18. Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

A wireless charging mouse pad is one of the cool desk accessories that allows you to charge your devices while working. It is necessary to choose a wireless charging mouse pad that is compatible with your devices and has a large enough surface area to accommodate your mouse.

Consider the charging pace and whether or not it meets your requirements. Some charging pads charge at a reduced rate, while others can simultaneously charge multiple devices. In addition, it is essential to select a pad with a design that complements your personal aesthetic and workspace.

19. Surge Protector

Protecting your electronic devices from power surges and other electrical issues is essential for preventing data loss and damage, making surge protectors cool office desk accessories. It is essential to search for a surge protector with multiple outlets and USB charging ports when purchasing one.

Look for the protector’s joule rating and whether or not it provides adequate protection for your apparatus. Some surge protectors include additional features, such as an integrated circuit breaker and a reset switch. In addition, it is essential to select a surge protector that suits comfortably in your workspace.

20. Printer

A printer is necessary for a home office if you need to print documents and capture images. It is important to search for a printer that is compatible with your computer's operating system and has features such as wireless printing and automatic document feeders when purchasing one.

Moreover, print quality is very important because poor-quality prints can cost you your reputation and affect your work productivity. Some printers include additional features such as a scanner or copy machine. Additionally, it is essential to select a printer that is simple to install and maintain.

21. Desk Fan

A desk fan can help keep you cool and comfortable if your home office becomes sweltering and stuffy. It is important to search for a fan with adjustable settings and a quiet motor when purchasing one.

Look for the dimensions and design of the fan, as well as whether it fits comfortably in your home office. Some fans include additional features such as a timer or oscillation function. In addition, it is essential to select a fan that is simple to clean and maintain because you can't spend more time cleaning the desk fan, compromising your work.

22. Paper and Pen

Sometimes the most effective instruments are the simplest ones. A notepad and pen are indispensable for writing down ideas, creating to-do lists, and keeping track of vital information. When selecting a notepad, it is essential to find one with a large number of pages and a comfortable writing instrument.

Also, it is necessary to see the notepad's size and design, as well as whether it fits comfortably on your desk. Some notepads include additional features such as an integrated calendar or adhesive notes. In addition, it is essential to select a pen whose ink dries rapidly and does not smudge.

23. Plant

Improving air quality and reducing tension by adding a plant as cute desk accessories. When selecting a plant, it is essential to find one that requires little maintenance and can flourish in indoor conditions.

There are numerous advantages to keeping a plant in your home office:

  • By filtering out pollutants and increasing oxygen levels, plants can help to enhance the air quality in your home office.
  • Studies indicate that having plants in the workplace can increase productivity, reduce stress, and enhance overall job satisfaction.
  • It has been discovered that being around plants has a calming effect on the body and mind, thereby reducing tension and anxiety levels.
  • Plants can improve your demeanor, making you feel happier and more relaxed, which can have a positive effect on your work.
  • Plants can add a touch of nature and elegance to your office, making it a more pleasant and inviting place to be.

24. Whiteboard

Whiteboards are useful, fun desk accessories for idea generation, information management, and idea organization. It is essential to choose a whiteboard that is simple to mount and includes both markers and an eraser. Also, keep a set of markers that can be easily erased and do not leave traces.

Bottom Line

Setting up your home office can be difficult to start with, but with this essential list, you can start it right away! Make sure you have all the necessary items you need without compromising the quality! If you're looking for a reliable place to buy your best desk accessories, Febizo is the best place to start with! Febizo has a range of things, from standing desk accessories to unique desk accessories to home office accessories!