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    Your Body Was Designed to Move!FEZiBO Balance Board is a great way to avoid typical workday stiffness.

    Standing in place all day has its limitations, and sitting in place isn't even an option anymore. Standing desks are becoming more and more popular these days; many studies have shown it can improve your overall health. FEZiBO Balance Board is ideal for holding balance exercises and creates low-impact rocker movement to keep your mind and body engaged while you’re working. It not only helps relieve muscle stress and pain in the back, core, legs, and ankles while standing, but it’s also a whole lot more fun.

    Relieve Foot Aches and Pains

    Not only relieve muscle stress and pain in the back, core, legs, and ankles,but also improved posture, increased blood circulation, and improved joint mobility — ideal for standing balance exercises and physical therapy.

    Relieve Fatigue and Promotes Microcirculation

    The regular foot massage to remove physical and mental fatigue, improving the sub-health state. Standing on the massage points with your bare feet to get a cushy break from the hard work. It also is safe to use with a variety of shoe types.

    Portable, No-Assembly Design

    Quickly step on or off FEZIBO balance board no assembly, installation, or multiple pieces to organize. Convenient carry hole for easy portability. supports a max weight of 320 LBS. Safe height and completely silent makes you focus on your work.

    8.5° tilting angle

    The balance board comes with an 8.5° tilting angle, so it keeps your legs, core, and body active. And also could help improve focus, reduce fatigue, and relieve foot tension. Get the real benefit of standing!

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