How to Choose a Perfect Adjustable Bed

1. Why Adjustable Base?

People with back pain would sleep more comfortably upright than lying flat. Also, symptom of snoring would be reduced with head elevated, while blood circulation could benefit from leg lifting. An adjustable bed allows you to sleep under various positions to optimize your comfort and improve your health condition. Now matter what you do - sleep, reading, working on laptops, or watching TV. It works with most foam-based and hybrid mattresses. 
Adjustable bases used to be far away from the public due to their high prices. Thanks to technology, adjustable bases are available to anyone at an affordable price. In recent years, most modern brands start selling adjustable beds. But those products are still expensive and far away from consumers either because of their brick-and-motor business model, or resellers adding up the prices.
The FEZIBO Hearst Adjustable base offers the best value in the market under the DTC business model. We bring your dream bed base in front of you without any middle man sharing the price. With all the luxurious features and its solid quality, the FEZIBO Hearst adjustable base remains price competitive.

2. What Features Should You Look For In An Adjustable Base?
A. Adjustable Positions
This is the NO.1 reason our customers love adjustable beds. Preset and memory positions matter in this criteria. In this case, preset positions and memory positions are the main features you should look for in this category. Preset positions fit most customers. Besides the preset positions, you can adjust yourself to infinite angles and save your favorite spot using the memory button.

B.  Stability
Most adjustable bases used a single bar motor to lift up the bed frame. There are some frame companies that apply double bars behind the motor to enhance stability. As for weight capacity, a weight limit of 600 to 800 would cover most people's needs.
C. The massage mode
The massage is what you should look for on top of good adjusted positions. The vibrating, rolling-waved massage helps ease your mind. It is better to have a timer function on the remote so that you can sleep worried-free.
D. The under-bed lighting
This is a must feature because the mild light will take you anywhere in the middle of the night without even disturbing your pet.
E. Material
There are metal surface, wood surface and fabric covered surface frames available on the market. Fabric surface is considered best because it keeps the mattress from sliding off. Also, most customers love the fabric look on an adjustable base.
F. Split-King - Individualized Control
This is an advanced feature that not only enables individual control for you and your partner, but also provides a much bigger bed size by combining 2 Twin XL size beds into 1 bed. Most companies designed the split king bed have individual and synchronized control, so that you can decide based on your needs.
Here is a chart that will help you decide which adjustable base best fits you:

3. Pros& Cons
FEZIBO Hearst is our most recommended product for the following reasons
  1. It outperforms competitors with unbeatable price
  2. It provides the most features that fit most people's needs
  3. It provides more stability than others with dual rising system
However, FEZIBO Hearst does not cover some of the high-end features
  1. It doesn't offer wall hugging features
  2. It doesn't provide app controls


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