The 13 Cool Gaming Desk Accessories Every Gamer Must Have

There's more to gaming than just having a high-end PC or the latest console. Gaming is an experience, a sanctuary, a refuge. The ambiance, the feel, the overall setup - everything matters. And if you're serious about gaming, you should be serious about your gaming environment, too. It's a simple equation: Better the environment, better the gameplay. A core component of this environment is well-equipped gaming setup accessories, complete with excellent and functional accessories. This article is dedicated to all passionate gamers who understand the worth of a well-curated gaming desk.

Let's dive into the exciting world of gaming desk accessories. Here are the top thirteen gaming desk accessories for an exceptional gaming experience.

1. Monitor Backlights

Consider the influence of ambient lighting on your workstation setup, particularly when it comes to the area behind your screen. It's a subtle, yet powerful factor, known as bias lighting, which enhances your workstation's atmosphere while mitigating eye fatigue. This form of indirect illumination emanates from behind your screen, casting a soothing glow on the wall. The Philips Hue Play light bars stand out in this category, renowned for their versatility and a particularly compelling light synchronization feature.

Envision immersing in a captivating gaming session or engaging in video viewing where the ambient lighting plays an interactive role. The Hue Play light bars are capable of syncing with the predominant colors on your screen, delivering an intensified sensory experience, making your on-screen adventures even more absorbing.

However, it's worth noting that while these high-tech light bars offer a dynamic lighting experience, they do come with a heftier price tag. So, for those who are more budget-conscious or who prefer a less active light experience, there are alternative options available. Economical LED strip lights can provide an effective and straightforward solution. Although they might not offer the dynamism of the Hue Play light bars, these LED strips can provide a static, yet soothing light color, adding a distinctive touch to your gaming or workstation environment. So, you can still enjoy the benefits of screen ambient lighting at a fraction of the cost.

2. Gaming Mouse

The right gaming mouse can drastically improve your precision and response time, giving you an edge in competitive games. Gaming mice offer various customizable features such as DPI settings, programmable buttons, and, often, RGB lighting.

Popular choice: Logitech's G502 HERO High-Performance Gaming Mouse is known for its precision and customization options. It has 11 customizable buttons and an adjustable weight system for personalized balance and feel.

3. Gaming Keyboard

Gaming keyboards are explicitly designed to improve gaming performance. They offer mechanical keys for better tactile feedback, programmable keys for customized controls, and in most cases, vibrant RGB lighting for that added gaming feel. A solid gaming keyboard can significantly improve your gaming experience.

Popular choice: The SteelSeries Apex Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard boasts adjustable mechanical switches allowing you to customize key sensitivity. The RGB illumination and aircraft-grade aluminum frame make it a gamer's delight.

4. Cable Sleeve Organizer

Picture this: a spider web of tangled wires sprawling across your gaming desk, each wire a potential tripping hazard or a distraction. Now imagine transforming that mess into a sleek, organized line of cables neatly tucked away. Sounds like a dream? Well, the Cable Sleeve Organizer can make this dream a reality. With its 5 feet of flexible yet durable neoprene material, this sleeve organizer can swallow all your unruly cables and give your gaming desk setup the clean and tidy look it deserves.

The Cable Sleeve Organizer isn't just a big gulp for your cables; it can also be cut to specific lengths. Have multiple devices scattered across your desk? Not a problem. You can tailor your cable management solution to your unique needs, ensuring that every inch of your desk is organized and clutter-free. So, forget the frustration of tangled wires and experience a hassle-free gaming environment with this must-have accessory.

5. Cord Management Organizer Kit

Say goodbye to the ever-annoying cable spaghetti with the Cord Management Organizer Kit. This all-in-one solution is designed to declutter your desk with the best gaming setup accessories and free up your space. It is built with durable and reusable material and can handle heavy-duty cables without sweat.

The Cable Kit has everything you need to tidy up your wires and cords. A wide variety of cable ties, clamps, and sleeves are included. Your desk will be neat and organized thanks to all of these items. You can avoid worrying about loose cables or wires getting in the way of your gaming experience.

This set will help every gamer, from the most casual to the most dedicated, keep their gaming area neat. Its durable material guarantees long-term use, making it a wise investment for all gamers. Say yes to an organized desk and an enhanced gaming experience with this fantastic kit.

6. Power Strip With Desk Clamp

The Power Strip with Desk Clamp answers all your charging needs for cool gaming setup accessories. This multi-functional power strip comes with fast charging technology, allowing you to juice up your devices quickly and efficiently. The days of waiting hours for your gadgets to charge are over. Now, you can power up your appliances quickly and return to what matters most - gaming!

But what makes this power strip a true game-changer is its easy-to-use desk clamp. This feature allows you to mount your power strip to your desk or any other convenient location. No more crawling under the desk to plug and unplug devices - it's all within your arm's reach.

The 5-in-1 Power Strip has numerous USB outlets to charge multiple devices simultaneously, from a monitor and game console to a smartphone and tablet. This power strip has many outlets to ensure you never run out of juice when gaming. This power attachment is the pinnacle of desk organization, productivity, and convenience.

7. Ergonomic Chairs

If your chair is not comfortable and supportive, gaming, while exciting and fun, can become physically draining. That's where the C4-2 Ergonomic Chair comes into play as one of the must-have gamer room accessories. This chair isn't just another piece of furniture; it's your ally during intense gaming marathons, your partner in victory, and your comfort zone during those edge-of-the-seat moments.

Built to hold up to 330 lbs, the C4-2 Ergonomic Chair is a fortress of strength. Its robust structure ensures it can comfortably accommodate gamers of different sizes without compromising stability or safety.

One of its unique features is the 3-directional adjustable armrests. Whether leaning in for a precision shot or relaxing during a game load, you can adjust the armrests to provide optimal support to your arms. But it's not just the adjustable armrests; even the headrest can be modified. The headrest may be rotated 45 degrees to provide comfortable support for the neck and head during extended gaming sessions.

8. Wireless Charging Gaming Mouse Pad

You'd be wrong to assume that a mouse pad is only helpful for the mouse. Your cheap gaming setup will be forever altered with the arrival of the wireless charging gaming mouse pad with light. Combining two essential functions into one sleek design, this accessory epitomizes convenience and coolness.

As a mouse pad, it offers a smooth and consistent surface for precise and quick mouse movements. And the sparkle of the light integrated into its design creates a mesmerizing gaming environment, setting the mood for your gaming adventures.

The game-changer, though, is its wireless charging feature. Incorporating a charging pad into the mouse pad eliminates the need for extra wires on your desk. Place your mobile device in the designated area, and voila! Your device starts charging. No fuss, no clutter, just an organized and efficient gaming desk.

9. USB Hubs

As a gaming enthusiast, you're likely to have an array of peripherals and accessories on your desk that enable an optimal gaming experience. In the modern digital age, many of these devices rely on USB connectivity, offering the advantage of sparing your power outlets, but posing a challenge when your computer or laptop lacks sufficient USB ports.

Enter the multi-port expansion device, more commonly known as a USB hub. This indispensable tool can add up to 10 extra ports to your laptop or desktop computer, plugging directly into one of your existing USB ports. Thoughtful positioning of the hub can ensure easy accessibility for plugging in or removing devices as needed, enhancing your workflow or gaming experience.

USB hubs featuring the latest 3.0 technology offer significant advantages. The primary benefit lies in the boosted data transfer rates, which allow for rapid loading of files and smoother communication between your computer and the connected devices. Some advanced models even incorporate LED displays, visually guiding you to the available ports for plugging in your gadgets.

One of the most appealing aspects of these multi-port expansion devices is their plug-and-play functionality. Setting up your USB hub is as simple as connecting it to your computer. There's no need for additional software installation, ensuring you can quickly augment your connectivity capacity and keep your gaming or work session running seamlessly.

10. Monitor Arms

Upgrading your gaming monitor setups? Fezibo's Monitor Arms is an excellent choice. Their broad compatibility and robust design make them perfect for your gaming desk.

Fezibo's GM01-1 Single Monitor Desk Mount

Fitting screen sizes ranging from 17" to 32", the GM01-1 Single Monitor Desk Mount provides flexibility and durability. With its horizontal extension of up to 21.6", you can adjust your monitor to the most comfortable viewing angle. This accessory can enhance your gaming experience by providing a comfortable viewing position, reducing eye strain, and freeing up valuable desk space.

GM01-2 Dual Monitor Mount Stand

Embrace the power of dual screens with the GM01-2 Dual Monitor Mount Stand. Designed to fit screens from 17" to 32", and with a load per arm capacity of up to 17.6 lbs, this stand provides the strength and flexibility to support two monitors. It helps you save valuable desk space while simultaneously improving your viewing experience. The neck strain from constantly shifting your focus between two screens? That's a thing of the past with this dual monitor stand.

Triple Monitor Stand Mount

For gaming enthusiasts who believe in 'the more, the merrier,' Fezibo offers the Triple Monitor Stand Mount. This mount stands up possibilities, supporting screens from 17" to 27". With triple monitors, you can open your game, chat, and strategy guides simultaneously. Lifting your monitors off the desk frees up valuable desktop space, leaving you with more room for gaming essentials. The triple monitor stand is a statement of function and power, making it an essential addition to any hardcore gamer's desk.

11. Gaming Headphone Stand

A gaming headphone stand isn't merely an aesthetic accessory. It helps you keep your desk organized by providing a dedicated space for your headphones. Some of the advanced frames also offer built-in USB ports and RGB lighting.

Popular choice: The Razer Base Station Chroma is a headphone stand with a difference. It comes with a 3-port USB hub and features Razer's Chroma RGB lighting, making it a functional and attractive addition to your gaming desk.

12. Gaming Monitor Stand

A gaming monitor stand is more than just an aesthetic accessory. It plays a crucial role in creating a comfortable gaming setup. Most of these stands allow for adjustments in height and angle, which significantly reduces the strain on your neck and eyes during prolonged gaming sessions. Some advanced monitor stands also offer built-in USB ports for easy connectivity, a boon for gamers.

The AmazonBasics Premium Single Monitor Stand is a favorite because of its sturdy construction and easy height and angle adjustments. This stand can support 32-inch displays weighing up to 20 pounds, making it suitable for use with the heaviest gaming monitors.

13. Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Imagine transforming your dedicated gaming area into an all-encompassing auditory dimension that pulls you further into your virtual realm with each play? The secret lies in introducing top-tier, well-engineered wireless sound enhancers to your gaming set-up. These cutting-edge Bluetooth speakers can truly breathe life into every game session, making each moment more tangible, and thus, significantly more enjoyable.

Every gamer's haven should have an impressive sound system, a factor that greatly heightens the overall gaming experience. An exemplary choice in this regard is the Gravastar War Zone Wireless Sound Enhancer. This one-of-a-kind Bluetooth speaker stands out for its innovative dual-speaker system complemented by a passive bass radiator, providing gamers with an ultra-immersive auditory experience that will transport you directly to the epicenter of your game’s action.

Moreover, the speaker's long-lasting battery life of up to 15 hours promises uninterrupted gameplay, allowing you to dive deeper into your gaming escapades without worrying about your speaker's power running out. But the appeal of this gaming accessory doesn't end there. Its striking RGB lighting effects contribute to creating a visually stimulating gaming environment, further enhancing your immersion into the game's world.


Creating the ultimate gaming environment is a journey filled with choices and personalization. As you embrace this journey with Fezibo's products, remember that every accessory you select should contribute to your gaming desk's overall comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

From the Wireless gaming mousepad with the light casting a vibrant glow on your desk to the immersive experience provided by your gaming chair - every piece plays its part in crafting an engaging gaming experience.