FEZiBO standing desk

Düsseldorf, Germany, Sep. 29, 2022 / FEZiBO, an international ergonomic furniture brand, has recently released its sales results, disclosing a quadrupled sales by 394% of standing desks, also known as height adjustable or sit-stand desk, from the German market in August. With record-high sales is the ongoing global trend of remote working: after the Covid-19 pandemic, the labor force in Germany who usually work from home spiked by 296%, from around 5% over the past decade to 14.8% now. Solidified by a survey from Statista, is the general public's acceptance that 77% of employees in Germany agreed that working from home facilitates work-life balance. 

Office hours come with pains, especially when working from home without an ergonomic workspace. People worldwide are now sitting longer and being plagued more than ever by health risks. In Germany, the "Global Burden of Disease Study" found the number of sitting diseases growing steadily, and 61.3% of people surveyed reported back pain, and 45.7% reported neck pain during the same period.

Yet, the solution is simple enough. According to health experts, substituting two hours of standing for sitting can have positive and instant changes to health indexes, including improved blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Also, an extra 10% of calories can be burnt with enhanced metabolism, lower risks for strokes and heart attacks can be achieved by using the standing desk to switch between sitting and standing positions. 

This explains the need and importance of a standing desk and why FEZiBO is introducing this fundamental change to people's work positions and health with a single click to switch desk heights. With the help of the desk's automatic motor(s), back and neck muscle relief has never been so easy.

Perks of using a standing desk also come in boosted productivity. Compared with working in a sitting position, standing up periodically has been shown to reduce discomfort, fatigue, and stiffness while increasing blood flow and productivity: employees who used sit-stand desks were 46% more productive than those at traditional desks. 

According to FEZiBO, fair pricing contributed to its summer sales surge. In detail, by cutting out furniture dealers, streamlining the supply chain, and saving the investments for stores, up to 60% can be saved when shopping for a FEZiBO item compared to traditional office furniture of similar quality.

It is yet to mention the limited-time offers currently available from FEZiBO at fezibo.de.


About FEZiBO 

With years of experience designing and manufacturing ergonomic products, FEZiBO strives to make people's workspace healthy and joyful.

To fulfill customers' diverse demands, FEZiBO endows products with different designs and functionalities.

Particularly, by eliminating dealers, agents, and more middleman steps, FEZiBO makes sure its customers can enjoy products that are both premium and affordable.