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"It might be basic, but there are lots of things to love about this standing desk."



Key Takeways


  •  The Fezibo Basic Standing Desk is a fantastic option for improving posture, relieving back pain, and increasing productivity.


  •  The desk is spacious, sturdy, and stable, and can hold multiple monitors, computers, and even pets without anything falling off.


  • The desk is easy to assemble, offers various adjustable features such as sedentary reminders and memory presets, and comes at a good price point.


The Fezibo Basic Standing desk is a fantastic option for anyone who wants to improve their posture and back pain and even boost their productivity. The desk is sturdy enough to carry multiple monitors, computers, and even a pet or two. It's also stable enough that you won't have to worry about your stuff falling off when you're raising or lowering it.


The model I tested is currently available for $430, but it has a $90 discount. I have a 60" x 24" standard board on an S4 frame. You can make your combo a bit more expensive by choosing a solid wood board—or go cheaper by picking a spliced board.


Setting Up the Fezibo Basic Standing Desk



The Fezibo Basic Standing desk is easy to assemble. The desk came in two packages—one for the desk board and one for the frame. Both are rather heavy so make sure you have some help to carry them around without damaging them. There's also an instruction booklet that's easy to read and figure out. I'll be honest here and say that I didn't personally put up the desk simply because my husband offered to do it. It took him about 40 minutes to do the whole thing on his own as he refused my offers of help in the name of science. For full disclosure, we put together Ikea furniture for fun in this house and he's always coming up with various build projects for the house and yard. So, with this in mind, it may very well take you a bit longer to complete the assembly.


He went ahead and spread all the parts on the floor - you may want to spread out some type of blanket or cardboard so you don't scratch your flooring or the desktop itself (you'll have plenty of time to scratch that up while using it). Fezibo has everything labeled for easy recognition so figuring out what goes where should go without a hitch. One thing I have to note is that you can get away with using the tools provided by the company, without even needing an extra screwdriver. You won't need any type of power tools, either, just some elbow grease.


I do suggest you get some help when it's time to flip over the desk, however, because it's pretty heavy and you don't want to mess up the legs.


Testing the Fezibo Basic Standing Desk



Once upright, I started to test the weight limit. While I didn't exactly stack the full 225lbs it claims to be able to easily lift, I do have a couple of monitors, a laptop, and some other accessories on it. I also added my son and our cat for fun. The desk had no issues lifting them all. I even went on an elevator ride myself while feeling rather silly, but it's all in the name of science, right?


The S4 is the top-of-the-line frame offered by Fezibo, with a lift speed of 1 inch per second. The whole mechanism is fairly silent and the desk maintains its stability as it climbs and lowers, which is something I've had issues with before when trying out similar desks in shops. The mechanism offers four memory presets which are super easy to set up, as well as a child lock, sedentary reminder, and anti-collision. Let's go over them all.


First of all, before you even start properly using the desk, you should reset the lifting system by pressing the up and down arrows for a few seconds. You'll use the same buttons to lift and lower the desk. The minimum height is 23.2 inches, while the maximum is 48.6 inches. Once you figure out which height is suitable when you're sitting in your chair, you just have to press and hold the S and 1 buttons to memorize the position. Then, stand up and lift the desk to before repeating the process but choosing a different numbered button. The height you choose will appear on the small display on the mechanism. If you'd rather switch to centimeters instead of inches, this desk system knows how to do that, too.


One feature I found particularly useful was the sedentary reminder. To activate this feature, you just have to press and hold the A button for a few seconds until the screen displays ON. Once you do this, a timer will show up on the screen, and you can adjust it in 5-minute increments from 20 minutes to 120 minutes. Once the timer is up, the mechanism will start beeping for five seconds. It starts beeping again if you don't lift the desk within five minutes. The feature automatically deactivates if you ignore it. However, the whole purpose of this desk is to make you get off your chair more often, so get up. If you lift the desk before the timer is up, the countdown starts again.


The way the system works is pretty intuitive, but I do have to say it can get rather annoying to have to reactivate the feature every time you sit down. You get used to it after a while, however.


The child lock feature is also useful to have, especially if you have little ones who love pressing buttons. Holding the S button for five seconds will disable the keypad completely. Do the same thing to reactivate the mechanism.


My only issue with this desk is the fact that it boasts one feature that doesn't seem to work. The anti-collision and anti-pinch feature is pretty important, especially if you keep a file cabinet beneath your desk. The instruction manual claims there are three sensitivity levels, which you can enable by pressing the up arrow and 1 button simultaneously. Even though I tried all the levels they have available, I couldn't get it to stop from lifting or lowering in any way. I tried some books placed on my filing cabinet, and the desk just pushed right through those as I panic-pressed the button to stop the desk. Then I thought that maybe the books were just too soft, even though the sensitivity level was set at max.


Next, I lifted my desk chair so its armrests were higher than usual, and pressed the first preset button to lower the desk. Luckily, I have a sturdy double-arm mount to my monitors directly to the desk, because otherwise, the monitors would have flown off when it caught on the armrests and tilted back. I also tried hitting the desk as it went up, and still no reaction. I thought that maybe the model just doesn't come with anti-collision sensitivity since the site does not mention it. On the other hand, the instruction manual does state this clearly, and the lift unit allows for the adjustment of the sensitivity levels. At this point, I can only assume that I got a faulty model or the feature just doesn't work.


Should You Get the Fezibo Basic Standing Desk?


Aside from my issue with the anti-collision feature, I've loved using this desk. It's stable; it doesn't wobble when I lift it, the monitors are quite steady, and it is silent and fast. The price isn't bad either. If you get the spliced board with the smallest desktop size and the S2 frame, you can pay as little as $140 (discounted from $260). The smallest S4 frame model can be purchased for $320 (down from $430). These are not bad prices for standing desks that can lift so much weight, so fast, and with so little noise.


Given my experience with this Fezibo desk, I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who wants a little change in their daily routine and a better posture.






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