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10 Best Home Office Setup Ideas

Apr 21, 2023 · Alan James

A home office should help you set aside household distractions and get straight to business. It should inspire creativity and allow you to focus on work. But in reality, home offices can often be the most overlooked areas in our homes. They're mostly uninspiring and cluttered, driving us to work anywhere but in the home office.

Set up home office should completely adapts your style, work preferences, and other incredibly specific tastes. The setup offers far more than good looks or many things you like, but empowers you to do your best work and develop your best ideas.

Best Work From Home Office Setup Ideas

With the request for remote work rising, so is designing the ideal home office setup rising. Your decorative style has to positively impact your performance and productivity. From ergonomic office chairs to desks, many choices about your home office layout will be intentional.

Here are 10 best home office setup ideas to inspire you to find a home office setup that not only pairs well with your style, but does wonders for your mental health as well.

1. Corner Office Setup

Corner offices are becoming quite popular just as the creativity of creating a corner desk keeps growing. Many times, if we don’t have a spacious corner or room, it becomes inconceivable to buy the idea of a workstation. We have to resort to working on the bed or just around the house space.

This can be highly unproductive and cause unnecessary pain due to the lack of seating ergonomics. But an easy solution to this is optimizing open or empty spaces or making them multi-purpose. Like, adding a simple office setup by introducing a few items - a work desk, a stool, etc.

You can always reinvent your ideal home office, whether a built-in corner desk or a re-purposed desk area. It is possible to transform a corner in your bedroom into an office with a couple of floating shelves and a sleek chair (one that would not block the pathway, obviously).

You can declutter any unused area, provide a desk, place a lamp and some fresh flowers, and add some light source. Also, you can provide a thin floating table with storage compartments and drawers; with a mirror on it, it swaps into a table dresser.

Image source: Unsplash

2. Elegant Small Office Space Setup

This office setup can perform well for home offices as well as startups. The concept is to place the seating in a corner and set the window behind it to let in natural sunlight. The table could be an extension of the main cabinet, a brilliant way to optimize the available space.

This suitable desk area will barely collect clutter and help you be productive in a distraction-free environment or even take video calls. An idea to go along with is trying out an industrial-style distressed metal bookcase. The simple silhouette will create a crisp association, while the beaten finish will add a rustic and effortless appeal. Here, go for plenty of drawers and shelves to keep everything organized in one place.

Practical designs and an open-concept floor plan create a comfortable, at the same time, focused setting perfect for any study or work project, solo or joint presentation. If the industrial style for an elegant small office was meant for any room, it’s the home office.

Image source: FEZiBO

3. Minimalist Setup

This will be an ideal style if you are one for simplicity. The aesthetic charm of a minimalist desk setup cannot be exaggerated. The minimalist style fixates on layouts that are soft to look at, with zero clutter. These sorts typically involve neutral colors that lack glitzy or wildness.

They also work with patterns that stay away from any conflicts in coloring. The furniture, just like other decors, is generally uncomplicated in design. Really, this home office setup clears your head smoothly and makes finding items quick.

Consider hanging (defined) photos and decorations behind the wall rather than having them in stand-up frames on your desk, as is often done in corporate offices. This is just another way to remove your desk's clutter and give you something nice to look at on the wall before you.

Image source: Unsplash

Finally, if you desire total focus, a minimalist home office must be in its own corner, like a detached room or space. This will keep your attention away from all other things in the home.

You can, however, set aside a corner or a part of any room as your assigned workspace as long as you use that space for work only. And for your mind to focus solely on work mode, ensure the area is clean and as free from clutter as possible.

4. Open Plan Setup

There are home spaces that give the feeling of being cramped up. For most people, in the open plan setup, it is not strange to have the desk in the room center, integrated beneath the stairs, etc. This layout suits homeowners who believe space is a commodity and seek to create an open feeling around and make the most of any available space.

In this layout, you regularly rearrange when you need to manage other projects you may have, including work meetings. A visiting client can sit on the opposite side of the desk, or for collaboration meetings, everyone can sit around the desk. If you need the central space for an activity, you can also move the desk to a wall to fit in your project!

A practical design tip for this style is to use colors, furniture, and decor that give the room a larger and more open appearance colors, like white, as dark colors can shrink the appearance of a room.

Also, the ideal furniture needs to be of medium height or have a flexible design, like shorter bookshelves. If you intend to explore some method that could help you save space while not burning holes in your pocket, treasure this setup!

Image source: Unsplash

5. Stand Desk Setup

The majority of work-from-home office setup ideas are for sitting posture. Leg, back, or joint pain are familiar issues observed with sitting around for long work hours. Planning for a standing desk for your home office space is worth considering and is a great way of preventing and managing pain.

This type of desk modified to the height of your elbow promotes working at eye level and maintains relaxed shoulders. This set up can be introduced in any comfortable space in the home.

Working at a standing desk has many health benefits contrary to lengthy sitting periods which have also been linked to cancer, obesity, diabetes, and those other serious conditions. Standing workstations can also be space efficient since they can be built as narrow countertops or a folding standing work desk that will not be in the way of other room items.

There is the option of a stool to place your legs when you get tired of standing. With this, you get the comfort of transitioning around a sit or stand posture and occasionally give your body a comfortable stretch.

The truth is, the standing desks are great in many ways besides keeping your health on track. They even control your alertness during work when compared to sitting all day.


Image source: fezibo

6. The Open Air/ Garden Office Setup

You can always enjoy the refreshing gifts of a cool breeze on a hot day without leaving your home office. All you need is to re-position your table arrangement to face a door or window that opens to a backyard.

Pick light materials and organic colors to align your workstation with the natural scenery and breezy feel. If you want to take it further and build your workspace in the backyard, a simple shed conversion can be a great home office option. You will be absorbed in a space that feels most natural to you.

However, the outdoors would not make for a permanent office unless you can guard it against the elements. Then again, you can build an office space outdoors where you can work when the weather is bright.

7. The Flexible Workstation Setup

What expresses work-from-anywhere motion than a desk you can work at from any position? When building a workspace right in a sitting room, bear in mind the necessities that will make it both comfortable by daytime and also readily and neatly shuffled away by evening.

A corner in a living room can be turned into a cozy workspace with a built-in computer desk that can be pulled out to double the desk size. Or a chair that can be folded up and either tucked beneath a sofa/ bed or hung on the back of a door when not in use (the perfect seating solution for this setup!)

8. Natural Green Theme Setup

Small home offices can always benefit from adding a few houseplants. For nature lovers especially, if a home office should be custom built, it will be carefully suspended on a hill or at the forest's center. You will connect to nature and easily spill out creativity and thoughts while working.

Image source: Unsplash

Indoor plants are more than trendy pieces. They can also be good for your productivity as they help to alleviate work-related anxiety and promote clarity. And they don’t have to take up much space! They add color and life to a dull grey space and provide a new way to spend mini breaks (pruning and watering are fantastic activities for stress relief).

Consider hanging plants to better manage them against occupying all the table surfaces. While genuine houseplants have no competition, if lifting a hanging planter to water it is stressful for you, go for faux plants. They have equivalent stress-relieving benefits also, so they will help to curb the concerns regarding water drenching your desk from above.

This is an exciting yet delightful theme for your office. What's best, they provide serenity when doing tough projects. So, go ahead and convert your office into a green haven using an attractive mix of plants, decor, and nature themes!

9. The Secret Home Office Setup

If you are not looking to have a room dedicated to a home office or have your office equipment out in the open, this setup is a great way to create an office that can easily become a home décor. You can transition from an effective worker to a lazy couch potato with a secret home office in seconds.

For example, for the secret office cabinet console, a practical layout displays a work desk height rack with a hollow slot underneath, to contain both a chair and plenty of storage room for desk accessories. A sliding door can be moved to cleverly reveal or hide the workstation as and when desired.

You can also consider some closet storage as a secret office. You only need a few feet across to fit in a small desk. A slimline option will do great here so that once the chair is pushed in, you're not entering the room much more than the closet doors. The closet portions, also, will stay high over the head.

Image source: Unsplash

People giving away their houses for homestays should highly consider this secret office option as it gives a better ambiance to a room.

10. Colorful Small Home Office Setup

Revamp an old study desk into a neat and delightful home office! With the right décor and imagination, the smallest of corners can switch into looking like a home office.

This mini office decor idea suits homeowners that do not believe in separating their peculiar personalities from their workspaces. Any personal idea for bright and happy, with loads of cheery posters, magnets, and all things merry for an everyday funky feeling, can pass for a colorful setup.


You don’t have to break down the walls of your home to setup a home office. From colonizing a room beneath the stairs to occupying a forgotten space in a hallway, you can build a functional working space almost anywhere.

However, always remember that when dealing with spaces, small or large, keeping everything organized is one of the secrets to giving your desk a classy and modern feel. It will even improve the aesthetics of your space. And with the right desk, chair, accessories, and organizational resources, you can build anywhere into a haven for productivity!

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