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Electric Standing Desk


Brasa Electric Standing Desk with Upper Double Drawer


New arrival with keyboard tray

FEZIBO Electric Standing Desk with Quadri Drawer


Pro Electric Standing Desk


Elita All-In-One Glass Top Standing Desk


Will arrive on September 10

Standing Desk with Keyboard Tray


New arrival

Dual Motor L-Shaped Standing Desk


Save $30.00

Natur Solid Wood Bamboo Standing Desk


Solid Wood

Reversible L-Shaped Corner Standing Desk


Save $20.00

Standing Desk with Double Drawer


Standing Desk with Drawer


Hand Crank Standing Desk


Quick Install (3 Steps) Standing Desk


Save $40.00
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    High Quality Desks at Reasonable Prices

    FEZiBO aims at making great designs available to everyone. This Height‑adjustable desk with three electric motors and programmable controller lives up to all your WFH demands.

    Easy to Handle Multiple Electric Devices

    This standing desk is designed for our customers, who need to work with plenty of electric devices. The L-shaped desktop is large enough to easily handle three monitors and two laptops.

    Smoother Height Adjustment with Triple Motors

    The power of the triple-motor system is stronger, ensures more stability of standing desks and provides full support.

    L-shaped Design Creates More Possibility

    The L-shape makes the desk more flexible to adapt to home and office. It helps create a better work environment allowing you to move throughout your day.

    Memory Heights Make Your Hands Free

    Try out our One-Touch Control to free your hands and time from long pressing on the controller to adjust the height every time.

    Thoughtful Design Keeps Your Workstation Clean

    ☆Under Desk Hooks: Great for hanging your headphones. ☆Cable Management Tray: A clever solution to organize under desk cables and create a tidier desktop. ☆Wheels with Brakes: The 360-degree rotating wheels allow you to slide on the carpet easily, and the brakes help you stop anywhere you want.

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