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  • 新版Fezibo运营平台

    5 Times Weight Capacity

    Up to 25 kg/55 lbs weight capacity, 5 times more than ordinary products on the market.

    For Both i-Shaped & L-Shaped Desk

    The rotatable C-clamp design allows this keyboard tray to be used not only on i-shaped desks, but also at the corners of L-shaped desks. Adjust the screws under the c-clamp to switch between i-shaped desk and L-shaped desk mode.

    Smooth Slide Rail

    Made of durable SPCC steel. Quiet and smooth, easy to pull-out and slide-in.

    Safety Edge Stopper

    Prevent the keyboard from falling from keyboard tray.

    Protective Pad

    Non-slip fixing, while protecting the desktop from scratches.

    What Does the Keyboard Tray Bring You?

    ❌ Eyes too close to the screen, in the use of multiple screens or large screens more easily fatigued.

    ✅ Eye distance from the screen is longer and suitable for multiple screens as well as large screens.

    ❌ The keyboard has to occupy part of the desktop space.

    ✅ The keyboard is placed on the keyboard tray to free up desktop space and make it more convenient for multitasking.

    ❌ The work surface is too high, the wrist will be pressed to the edge of the desk when working.

    ✅ Lower the keyboard and mouse position to avoid desk edge pressed wrist, easy typing.

    ❌ The mouse and keyboard sits too tall, resulting in poor posture (arm-to-arm angle <90° and shoulder shrugs) causing pain.

    ✅ Ergonomic keyboard and mouse position to improve posture and relieve shoulder pain (arm angle =90°).

    ❌ Most standing desks have a minimum height of 27"~29" and are suitable for users of 5'7" and above in a seated position.

    ✅ Keyboard tray drop makes the keyboard and mouse height 5" lower, making the table more suitable for short users.

    No splicing seams, more elegant. The keyboard and desktop with the same color to bring a more aesthetics overall.

    Do Not Fit The Desk Below

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