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    • As FEZIBO advances its technologies in standing desks motors, we're proud to apply them into bed bases. The motor of FEZIBO Hearst adjustable bed base is equipped with our latest technology that's quiet, strong and reliable.

    • Anti-Snore Mode

      The head and foot inclination gives you the best time in bed. It is designed for effortless sleep and relaxation. Your breathing passages will be more open when you sleep with your head elevated, which will improve airflow and reduce snoring.

    • Lounge & TV Mode

      You might experience neck or back pain, and even leg numbness sitting on the traditional bed that's flat. Those pains will be gone with FEZIBO Hearst. The preset positions of Lounge and TV modes are designed for optimal comfort while you're up and still enjoy the pleasure of staying in bed.

    • Zero Gravity Mode

      Zero-G support offers a floating feeling with your head and foot being supported and balanced perfectly so that you don't feel gravity. This also brings a reduction in heart pressure and promotion in blood circulation, which will do good to your lung capacity and blood oxygen levels.

    • Under Bed Light

      Light up your path in the middle of the night and your way back to the bed with only a tap on the remote.

    • 2 Zoned Massage

      The massagers are engineered to ease your body for better sleep. Compared to other bed massager, the FEZIBO Hearst quiet and relaxing massagers send waves that penetrate inside your body with minimal disturbance. The massagers stimulate blood circulation by reducing tension and muscle fatigue.

    • Dual Rising System

      The FEZIBO Hearst are engineered for world-class stability and reliability - a powerful base that supports up to 750 lbs. The double bar design provides excellent stability while rising up. All wire and accessories under bed are well-packed using soft-touch fiber materials and optimally organized by our engineer. This will give you clean and neat under bed storage space with minimal safety concerns.

    • The Remote Does It All

      All buttons are optimally integrated in your palm. 4 position modes, 2 memory modes and 12 combination of massage modes are available, along with LED lights button.

    • A Better Combination and Customization

      Two twin xl make up a split king-size bed. It allows customized adjustment if you want different set up from your partner, or, if you want to lift up your partner when he/she snores. Please refer to the owner's manual for synchronized and split control for both bed bases.

    • Main Benefits From FEZIBO Hearst

      Best Value In The Market: Among all competitors in the market, FEIZBO Hearst provides all the luxury features but remains affordable. Reduce Insomnia: Can't find a comfortable position and losing sleep at night? The FEZIBO Hearst helps you spot your favorite position and improve your sleeping quality. With the ergonomic design of preset positions, your blood circulation and oxygen level can be significantly improved. Alleviate Asthma & Snoring: Traditional bed base limits your sleeping position to straight and flat. FEZIBO Hearst adjustable base improves airflow passages and prevent asthma and snoring by the ergonomic anti-snore position. Relief Acid Reflux: lifting your upper body around 7 degree helps you prevent acid reflux and heart burnt.

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