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Triple Motor Reversible L-shaped Standing Desk with Upper Drawers V2


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    • A Desk Makes You Energetic and Motivated!

      FEZIBO L-Shaped electric standing desk helps create a better work environment by allowing you to move throughout your day. The L-Shaped design expands your working space, and you will work more efficiently. In addition, switching between sitting and standing throughout a long workday provides several health benefits for the body.

    • Spacious Workspace

      With the L-shaped large work surface measuring 55 x 24 inches, you will put two computer monitors and a tablet computer on the desk. The tabletop comes in 3 packages for easy assembly.

    • Reversible Panel

      Our professional team is committed to designing a humanized standing desk for every customer and tries to adapt to our customers' demands. The reversible panel is both suitable for left-hander and right-hander.

    • Desk frame

      To refresh the workplace, our standing desk is a cost-effective choice, which will meet the needs of most users. The frame made of sturdy steel will withstand a weight of 155 pounds; even if you put all the necessary office supplies, it will rise and fall smoothly. In addition, the desk frame has a height range of 27.6 inches to 47.3 (with a 1" thick desktop). A 19" travel distance is perfect for users from 5'4" to 6'1" tall.

    • Adjustable height

      Memory features: The standing desk has three preset buttons to customize your desired heights from 27.6" to 47.3"

    • Anti-Collision System

      When you are concentrating on work, the Anti-Collision system allows you not to worry about accidents. The desk will stop automatically during the lifting process when it meets items underneath, such as coffeecup, books, and storage.

    • Common Features

      Round Corner: A round design will protect you from getting scratches and harm. Strong Iron Frame: Solid iron frame ensures a smooth lifting process and keeps the tabletop stable. Anti-Slip Mat: Anti-Slip Mat of the desk foot makes the standing desk more stable and sturdy. Desk Hooks (set of 2): Each hook will easily support your bag, headphones, and jacket.

    • Desk Accessories

      -Mats: Take your shoes off to get the best experience on anti-Fatigue with our standing desk mat. -Monitor Arms: This allows you to position the screen at an ergonomic working distance, height, and angle. -Rolling File Cabinet: Satisfy most of your storage demand and create a clean and tidy home office environment. -Office Chair: Breathable mesh surface and 130° reclining height-adjustable backrest ensure better comfort. -5-in-1 Power Strip: Support simultaneous charging of 5 electronic devices at the same time. -Mouse Pad: Featuring a sparkling light with a standard wireless charging pad and a USB port. -Shelving: The choice of wall-mounted bookshelf provides another possibility for your home.

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