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Aurora-3 Stage Frame


Pro-2 Stage Frame


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    • Which Frame is Right for Me?

      All desk frames can deal with various user scenarios, specifically for users with the height between 5'7" and 6'4".

    • The Frames that Take On All Weighing Demands

      The maximum weight capacity of 115 lbs allows for everyday use in most situations.

    • Advanced Keypad

      The Advanced Keypad includes Standard Keypad features and adds these features: *USB: The USB port is right next to you while your phone needs juice. *Type-C: The Type-C on the keypad provides an additional electrical outlet for your necessary appliances. *Child Lock: Worrying about your kid playing around and adjusting the desk? Child lock can prevent the above problem. Keep the desk from moving until stopped. The child lock made you worry-free. *USB charging support for Apple devices is not available at launch but will be coming soon in April.

    • Why Choose FEZiBO?

      FEZiBO strives to provide ergonomic solutions to our customers for home furnishings and work-life integration problems. Our professional office furniture R&D team listens carefully to the needs of our customers. Free shipping, a 60-day money back policy, and a 5-years warranty are our commitments to our customers.

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