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Ergonomic Chair C2-Series


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Ergonomic Chair C3-Series


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Ergonomic Chair C4-Series


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Ergonomic Chair Y-Series


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    12 Adjustable Elements, 18 Color Options

    Vernal Highly Customizable Ergonomic Chair

    Custom-Fit Comfort - 12 Adjustable Ergonomic Elements

    3D Headrest

    3.14" height adjustable, dynamically rotating 50 degrees to support your head and neck in different positions.

    4D Armrests

    3.93" height adjustable, 1.96" forward and backward and 0.98" left and right adjustable, -15 degrees to +15 degrees internal and external rotation.

    Lumbar Support

    Two independent lumbar supports, each with 3.54" height adjustment, giving your waist all-around support.

    Silk-Smooth Tilt

    Synchronised mechanism connects the backrest and seat to tilt together, 25-degree backward tilt with 4 lockable positions and adjustable tilt tension. Please note: This product is recommended for users weighing over 50kg to ensure proper tilt tension adjustment.

    Height and Depth Adjustable

    4.52" height adjustment, 2.75" seat depth adjustment, fits every body shape. Maintain an ergonomic and comfortable sitting posture.

    Custom-Fit Stylish

    Revitalize your workspace with 9 color combinations designed by Danish Artist, bringing a pop of color to promote energy and productivity throughout the day.

    Incredible Back Support with Breathable Mesh Backrest

    Experience unmatched comfort and durability with our dual-layer high density stretch silk mesh backrest. Expertly engineered for dynamic back support.

    High performance materials for durability and safety

    The high-density cushion provides even weight distribution and reduces pressure points, ensuring all-around comfort that helps combat the fatigue caused by sitting for long periods.

    What Makes Us Stand Out

    Vernal Ergonomic Chair, Take the Pain Off

    Designed to be adjustable. Lead to improved posture and reduce back pain and neck strain. Increase your energy level and make you more productive.

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