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    Elegant Glass Top

    Elegant in appearance and useful in function. The top is made of tempered glass, which is stronger than ordinary glass and easy to clean, and the rounded edges are designed to protect your hands. The collision of clear glass and subdued wood grain shows your distinctive personality.

    3 Detachable Tray

    It can flexibly partition the storage space above the drawer to store your pens, phones, pads, cables, and other thin and light things while serving as a dust cover for the drawer. It can also be removed to have a larger storage cube. The folded edges make it easy to pull out and also keep items stored on it from rolling off, and it can even be used as a bracket for tablets/phones. The metal material makes it easy and hassle-free to clean.

    Upper Glass Shelf

    It could be a monitor stand to put your screen at eye level. Tempered glass makes it sturdy and easy to clean.

    Open Storage Cubicle

    This storage space is suitable for storing your glasses, laptops, tablets, keyboards, etc. In addition, there is a cable hole in the middle of the board for cables to pass through.

    2 Detachable Drawers

    The fabric drawer is easy to install, and stores those scattered items. It can also be pulled out for use alone, and can be folded for easy storage if not in use.

    Make The Desktop Clean

    Before 😔

    After 😊

    Quiet Motor

    The running sound of the motor is <50db, so don't worry about disturbing family members or colleagues.


    • Up/Down: Steplessly adjustable height
    • 3 Pre-Set Heights: Adjust to the preset height with one press, easy to switch between standing and sitting.

    Add Accessories

    Ergonomic Office Chair

    The ergonomic office chair adopts a breathable complete mesh design, bid farewell to the sultry heat, and bring a relaxed and comfortable experience.

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