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Brasa Electric Standing Desk




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Electric Standing Desk with Multi Beveled Drawer


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Full Surround Triple Drawer Electric Standing Desk with Shelf


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Electric Standing Desk with Glass Top Double Drawer


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Mid-Century Modern




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Greene A


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Standing Desk with Drawer


Standing Desk with Double Drawer


FEZIBO Electric Standing Desk with Quadri Drawer


Full Surround Triple Drawer Electric Adjustable Standing Desk with Shelf


Electric Adjustable Standing Desk with Floating Drawer


Electric Adjustable Standing Desk with Multi Beveled Drawers


Electric Adjustable Standing Desk with Glass Top Double Drawers




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    Beautiful & Practical

    An innovative combination of classic American style and modern technology style. It features a premium textured black walnut grain/carbon fiber grain desktop with warm yellow/green ambient lights respectively, plus the unique design of the "floating" drawers in it, bringing a novel visual experience and that says goodbye to aesthetic fatigue.

    Immersive Ambient Light

    One-key switch on/off on the keypad. Jump-start your inspiration at any time. Lighting plays an important role in the home, and this standing desk is designed to create the proper surroundings through ambient light to improve people's daily experience of learning, working, playing…

    Black Walnut & Warm Yellow Light

    Soft and friendly lighting that blends perfectly into your everyday routine, enjoy your time in a peaceful atmosphere.

    Builds a hi-tech gaming style

    Brings a touch of softness

    The "Floating" Drawer Design

    The environment can influence mood. A pleasant and comfortable environment can make people feel better. FEZiBO designer created the "floating" drawer with both practicality and aesthetics through the clever hidden base design, while using the immersive ambient light to create a hi-tech sense and elevates the aesthetics of the table to the next level. We expect to bring the user into a stress-free state, living in a graceful manner through these designs.

    Monitor Stand

    The solid upper layer can be used to put monitors and some things that exceed the height of the storage cubicle, such as: vases, calendars, photo frames…

    Storage Cubicle

    This storage space is suitable for storing your glasses, laptops, tablets, keyboards, etc. In addition, there is a cable hole in the middle of the board for cables to pass through.

    Two Drawers

    Two drawers can be used to store small items that are easy to roll, lose, and anything you want to hide on your desk. Metal material, easy to clean.

    Light Walnut

    Adding a touch of nature, warmth and serenity to your daily workplace

    Black Walnut

    Solid wood veneer, elegant grain, both daily and office are recommended

    Proper Ergonomic Height

    Long Time Cevical Discomfort

    Relaxes Head, Neck & Shoulders

    Improves Health and Boosts Focus

    Quiet Motor

    The running sound of the motor is <50db, so don't worry about disturbing family members or colleagues.


    • Up/Down: Steplessly adjustable height
    • 2 Pre-Set Heights: Adjust to the preset height with one press, easy to switch between standing and sitting.
    • Ambient Light Key: Click it alternately to turn the light on/off easily.
    • Anti-Collision: Effectively protect your desk and items and reduce collision damage.

    Free Accessories

    Cable Grommets x 1

    Hooks x 2

    Casters x 4

    Add Accessories

    Ergonomic Office Chair

    The ergonomic office chair adopts a breathable complete mesh design, bid farewell to the sultry heat, and bring a relaxed and comfortable experience.

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