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    Lighting Exercise Everywhere

    The WalkingPad C2 is the best treadmill for home use. WalkingPad C2 can relieve you of the guilt of staying at home when the weather is bad, the air quality is poor, or you don't want to go to the gym. You can fold up the compact treadmill and store it under the sofa or bed no matter where you live or how spacial your house is. While watching TV, you can walk, jog,.





    The 180-degree folding reduces the amount of space required.

    The KS Fit app simultaneously displays your time, speed, steps, and calories burned.

    The EVA layer in the running belt protects your ankle while running and makes it smoother.

    Intelligent speed control by sensing the steps ("A" Mode). Note: A mode( Automatic mode) will be affected if our treadmill is used on a carpet.

    Easy To Store, Suitable For All Scenes

    Brushless Motor, Noise Reduction

    With a new brushless motor, the idling noise is lowered to 65 decibels. WalkingPad will not disturb your neighbors, even if it occurs late at night.

    Intelligent Control In 4 Modes

    Smart Foot-Sensing Control

    Mobile APP Control And Sharing

    Handheld Remote-Control

    LED Panel Manual Control

    Four-layer Structure, A Snug Fit On The Foot

    Shock-absorbing, durable, and anti-static - four layers of careful design will help you regain your motility and engage in mild exercise. With a comfy foot, you'll feel as if you're walking on a plastic track, and your knees will never squeak.

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